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*Save the date! C2H will be hosting another city-wide wellness fair! The date is Saturday, November 14th, 2020 at the YMCA of Austin - East Communities. The address is 5315 Ed Bluestein Blvd, Austin, Tx 78753 and it will be from 11AM-2PM.​


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Community Coalition for Health

(also known as C2H) will empower you to take life back into your own hands!

  • Become inspired with delicious recipes and begin to understand how food works with your body.

  • Understand your medicines and bring your health to levels you never thought possible.

  • Bring the family together and make a difference that impacts you, your family and the next generation.

Globally, the number of people with diabetes is growing exponentially! By the year 2040, within Austin, TX and the surrounding counties there is an expectance of an over 600% increase in the number of people with diabetes. A 600% increase is astronomical, and it’s severely impacting the African American and Hispanic communities.

Something needed to be done locally and fast to prevent and control this disease so that people could have a fighting chance for a good quality of life.

C2H has developed programs to provide people with the tools they need to not only fight but also prevent the disease diabetes, by living healthy lifestyles. The focus is not only diabetes, but also high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

The benefits of the programs are to teach that the diseases are largely due to lifestyle behaviors. Diabetes is preventable! The goal is to teach how to prevent!

C2H has reached a record breaking number of individuals, lowering to eliminating, meds taken as a result of Diabetes.  This informational program has reached many and is continuing to save lives through an approach to healthy living.

The topics we discuss include:

  • High Blood Pressure - a condition constantly overlooked.

  • Diabetes - a major disease effecting many American's in today's society.

  • Diagnosis - you begin to notice limitations on  life as frustration sets in and your foods become limited.

  • Prescription Drugs - begin to dictate your life?