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The Full Story

Community Coalition for Health (C2H) is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization that provides well-being and health awareness services to minority communities, with a focus on the communities in the Eastern Crescent of Travis County. C2H was formed in 2014 by Dr. Charles A. Moody Jr due to a personal diagnosis of pre-diabetes. He asked a nurse who attended his church, Mia Greer, what he could do to change his situation. Together they began to research and put together a program for his church in 2014. The program provides awareness that empowers, informs, and inspires individuals and families to lead healthy lifestyles. This empowerment aids in longevity for the betterment of the family and the community.

What the Community Says

"It was like walking into someone's kitchen, it was absolutely delicious."

- In response to a food demonstration in Elgin

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