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All About the Community

C2h's policies and practices align with five National Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) standards because our organization is based on serving communities experiencing racism. Our leadership team lives and leads in the community we are attempting to serve. A key issue with many outreach programs is a lack of cultural responsiveness and genuine connection to the people served. We intimately know our neighbors and use that connection as a launching point for their wellness journey and path to racial equity.

C2H Town Hall for Vaccine Hesitancy

Community Coalition for Health held a town hall for residents in Travis County and surrounding areas with the hope of extinguishing an ongoing fire in regard to vaccine hesitancy. Due to the willingness of community members, we here at C2H were able to facilitate a transformative dialogue that gives the community the resources they need to make educated decisions for the health of their families. Check out this highlight of our town hall brought to you by our local news station KXAN.

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